We are a team of coaches dedicated to changing lives.




Why CrossFit? We provide you with a plan. Our plan includes a daily workout that has been programmed well ahead of time to fit into the full schedule of daily workouts. You now don't have to think about what you should be doing at the gym each day. The hard part is done. Each class is led by a CrossFit coach who thrives on seeing you get better. You will learn proper movement patterns that will transfer into your everyday life keeping you healthier and safer outside the gym.


What is CrossFit? We are a community of like minded individuals all with the goal of being better than yesterday. When you are in the box, you are an athlete. No matter what you've achieved in life, no matter what shape you're in, no matter what limits you think you have, we will provide you with the tools to become the best version of you. We guarantee, with consistency and hard work, you will reach your goals.


Who can CrossFit? Everyone and anyone who is willing to set goals and work hard to achieve them. Injuries are worked around with proper movement modifications. Movement limitations are addressed with mobility prescriptions to break through your limits. Strength barriers are properly scaled to reduced weights to keep you moving fast and safe. If you want it, all you have to do is try.



1. Join us

Sign up for your membership. Come by the gym anytime for information and a look.
Single Unlimited - $79/mo
Add’l Person 18+ - $19/mo
Add’l Person Under 18 - $9/mo


2. Schedule On Ramp

Private On Ramp Course with a coach for you or you and your friends can be scheduled around your busy life. Learn all the basics of CF that will allow you to attend classes with all the necessary knowledge to begin safely and properly.


3. Change your life.

Let the fitness begin. Every day you come in, your workout is pre-planned and well thought out to fit into your overall fitness journey. Our coaches will lead you through a specific warmup and teach you how to do things you never thought possible.

We offer private On Ramp courses. You or you and your friends and a coach. You will learn all the basics of CrossFit that will allow you to attend classes with all the necessary knowledge to begin safely and properly.
Send us an email or stop by the front desk for more info.  

Private On Ramp: $189
for the first person

Private On Ramp: $139
for each additional person.


CrossFit is not easy, nor is it easy to learn.  In an effort to give you your best chance at success, we offer an intro course called On Ramp.  Completing On Ramp is a requirement before attending CrossFit classes.  We do have an option to test out of On Ramp for experienced CrossFitters.

Some things you will learn in On Ramp:

  • Personal and specific, in-depth instruction on the foundational movements of CrossFit

  • Better transition and integration into the regularly scheduled CF307 WOD classes. You’ll get accustomed to the organization, structure and pace of the daily WOD class and the community.

  • Critical discussions on injury prevention, recovery and nutrition. This is super important for getting the most out of all of your hard work.

  • You’ll make new friends.

Stick to the basics & when you feel you’ve mastered them, it’s time to start over again. This time paying closer attention.
— Coach Glassman